Looking for info on National Semiconductor RAM board (VAX 11/730)

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Jun 20 11:16:06 CDT 2015

> In my system, the M9302 bus terminator (dual) and M7454 TU80K (quad) are in the same row. Would this imply 
> that I could replace the M9302 with a BC11 cable to add an expansion cabinet without losing any of the functions 

Yes, you can. The M9302 is in a 'Unibus Out', you can plug a Unibus cable in there to link to an expansion
box. The official way (as I think I mentioned the other day) involved special dual-height cards at each end
with 3 40-way Berg-type cables linking them. But the cards were just connectors, not even buffer chips.

It being easier to route 40 way ribon cables through the cable pan rather than a BC11A...

> already installed in the CPU cabinet? And if so, maybe Tony's system could also grow an expansion cabinet 
> without losing the TSU05 card?

It could, other than the fact that I would like to keep it in the half-rack, so I would have to remove the TS05
drive to have somewhere to fit the expanison box. In any case the TSU05 could go in said expansion box if
I ever need it, I think.

My TS05 needs a bit of work to get it going, and I do wonder how useful it would be. Any comments?


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