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On 20 June 2015 at 15:34, William Donzelli <wdonzelli at> wrote:
> Good. He has picked up the ball, now let him run with it. Even in
> unmodded Minecraft, you can do some amazing things with the redstone
> logic coupled with command blocks (yes, Mr. Grumpy Man Thain, with
> redstone you can have real gates and flipflops and race conditions and
> such. Go explore Youtube about it.). I think there are mods for
> non-RPi Minecraft that allows an interface to the real world, so when
> the time comes, he can start breaking out.
Let me just drop this here; it's from a few versions ago when RedPower
2 was still a thing. But here's episode 83 of Direwolf20's 4 Minecraft
let's play season: <> I like to call that
episode "Let's Play 'You're Going to Learn FORTHand You're Going to
Like It, Dammit'"

Here's Direwolf20's series of tutorials on ComputerCraft; which is the
"We're Going to Learn Lua" series:

Of course, real hardware, real logic, and "real" programming are
significantly better investments of one's time and are much preferred
to Minecraft. Though, when you throw mods into the mix Minecraft isn't
all *that* bad.

> I think Factorio is also getting some real logic systems, as well. It
> is a better game, but not really geared for the younger crowd.
I've been wanting to try that game out, but not nearly enough time on
my hands to do so.

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