Place for a build log?

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at
Sat Jun 20 21:43:30 CDT 2015

I like to do build logs for my more complex and long lived restorations or
builds, so people can inspire themselves from what I do, and give advice
(and encouragement, that helps too!). 

In one of my many other hobbies (hum, R2-D2 robot replica building, yes,
there is such a thing), everyone puts their build log as a thread on a
Forum. Very easy to search and follow. Members of the forum also have a
place to store files. The best build logs get a lot of hits.

Do you have an equivalent for classic computer restorations? I see some
people have their own blog on regular blog sites. But I dislike the format -
it's posted reverse latest first, you can only see the latest posts at once.
Not anywhere as good as a thread.

Or people have their own website, which is a bit of a pain as you have to
discover them one by one - and spend time making a web site.

And I have not found the equivalent of our "Builder Logs Thread" on the
Vintage Computer Forums which I just "discovered". 

Any other/better/smarter solutions you can point me to?

- Marc

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