Place for a build log?

Adrian Stoness tdk.knight at
Sun Jun 21 11:24:01 CDT 2015

you could also set up a internet forum for ur posts allowing people to
chime in on progress?

On Sat, Jun 20, 2015 at 10:11 PM, Mark J. Blair <nf6x at> wrote:

> > On Jun 20, 2015, at 19:43, Marc Verdiell <marc.verdiell at>
> wrote:
> > Do you have an equivalent for classic computer restorations? I see some
> > people have their own blog on regular blog sites. But I dislike the
> format -
> > it's posted reverse latest first, you can only see the latest posts at
> once.
> > Not anywhere as good as a thread.
> I think it should be possible to configure Wordpress to display posts from
> oldest to newest. It's just not conventional for blogs to be that way. You
> might also dedicate one post to each build, and edit that build to tack on
> updates. That's not so helpful for people who want to get updates via RSS
> for new activity, though. I took a quick look at my site's settings and
> didn't find a simple click option to reverse the sort order, but I'm sure
> it's still do-able.
> > And I have not found the equivalent of our "Builder Logs Thread" on the
> > Vintage Computer Forums which I just "discovered".
> Maybe Erik would consider adding a category on VCF for build logs? If not,
> there's nothing stopping you from posting a new thread in an appropriate
> category there. Though if the build happens to be off-topic for VCF, it
> might get more attention on a more closely-related forum than in the
> off-topic area on VCF.
> For R2-D2 robot replica building, maybe there's some robotics or maker
> forum where it will get the most attention and participation? Or maybe you
> would consider giving the robot an LSI-11 for a brain so it can sneak into
> VCF? :)
> Twitter also has its place for our activities, but it's best suited for
> immediate interaction around a very short "Hey, look at my cool thing!"
> posting which will quickly drop into obscurity. Twitter, mailing lists,
> Facebook (GACK! EVIL!), forums, blogs, etc. all have their own styles,
> plusses and minuses.
> --
> Mark J. Blair, NF6X <nf6x at>

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