Place for a build log?

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at
Sun Jun 21 19:02:12 CDT 2015

>> And I have not found the equivalent of our "Builder Logs Thread" on the
>> Vintage Computer Forums which I just "discovered". 

>Maybe Erik would consider adding a category on VCF for build logs? 

That's a good suggestion. On the R2 group, the Builders Log section was
actually added after I suggested it. It is now the most viewed section. But
on VCF (that's how you call it?), I think I am way too new to make such a
proposal and have it taken seriously... And I don't have yet a good sense of
the VCF constituents and interests to understand if this proposal would have
any traction either. Someone else would have to ask for me... 

Where do people that do "heavy duty" or longer lived restoration projects
(mainframes, minis, pre-1970 machines) gather on the web? Here I guess :-)? 

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