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>> Don't forget Cromemco:
> I think we can forget Cromemco.
> The original poster wanted examples of minis
> "setup and used on one".
> I doubt a Cromemco would survive long in flight
> service. This is why I
> also pointed out "combat service", as opposed to
> being part of a test
> set in an air and power conditioned hangar.
> Military aircraft (and marine) service is
> *really* hard on equipment.
> --
> Will

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Well, regarding marine service, from one of many
histories of Cromemco, e.g.:

"The Z-2 line was the first commercially marketed
microcomputer certified for use by the U.S. Navy
for use aboard ships without major modification."

Memory's not what it used to be and I could be
misremembering, but I'm pretty certain that some
Z-2s were installed in military aircraft for data
collection (admittedly not in combat service);
ISTR one of those appearing on eBay a few years
ago, bristling with many-conductor cables and
military-style Cannon connectors.

I'll dig through the literature to see if I can
find an official reference.


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