UNIBUS extension card/cable sets Was: Looking for info on National Semiconductor RAM board (VAX 11/730)

Alan Perry aperry at snowmoose.com
Mon Jun 22 10:51:06 CDT 2015

FYI, in my 750, the UNIBUS expansion has a L0010 in the main cabinet and 
a M9014 in the expansion cabinet. I didn't note the details of the 
cable(s) between the two when I did the inventory of my system.

On another topic, we had discussed me going through my B1000 stuff and 
Burroughs contacts to assist the buyer of that system that you 
facilitated. Unfortunately, all that I have come up with are dead ends. 
I found additional material, but is all pretty much now unreadable.

On 6/22/15 8:09 AM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>      > From: tony duell
>      > a 'Unibus Out', you can plug a Unibus cable in there to link to an
>      > expansion box. The official way involved special dual-height cards at
>      > each end with 3 40-way Berg-type cables linking them.
> So I'm trying to look into this (BC11 cables being unobtainium these days, at
> least at prices which are less their weight in gold).
> I see 'three' different kinds of 'UNIBUS to cables' cards listed:
>   M9014	UNIBUS to 3 H854s
>   M9015	3 H854s to UNIBUS
>   M9031	UNIBUS to 3 3M cables for 11/74
>   M9042	UNIBUS to 3 H854, Dual
> I assume the M9014/M9015 are a pair, one used at the start of the cable, and
> one at the end?
> Does anyone know the difference between these three, and is my guess about the
> M9014/M9015 being a pair correct? (I did look for documentation to answer
> these, but couldn't find any - although maybe I didn't look in the right places.)
> 	Noel

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