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Jonathan Katz wrote:

> I wonder what kind of intelligence the Soviets gained from the ex-IBM
> mainframes there. At that point in time a lot of the US defense
> (NORAD) was run off of the SAGE setup, which must have had some 650s
> as a component, right?

Jonathan, I think it is _really_ naive to think that the Soviets gained any
big knowledge from that old Mainfraimes.

The soviets build the sputnik, atomic bombs and intercontinental
ROckets w/o to find such things on cuba at all.
There was'nt any technological difference betwenn the US and the USSR at
this time.

Please, please all americans, don't think that russians are stupid.
There was always a _really_ big difference between consumer and military
electronics at the times of the iron curtain in the USSR.
Don't ever think that they have something to copy to get things
(nevertheless they always copy something, but chineses are more bad..1) ).

Next thing that I really whish to get recogniced: No one can win a war
anymore, even not the americans or the NATO.
...that only since I hear that rattle of sabers again from the US and
German Government.
They have droven Putin in to a corner with that ukrainian "Revolution"
and there is nothing curious or not understandable in the sight of what he
does now.

As for IBM's claims.. maybe the cuban government can write an Invoice
for the costs of the Pigs Bay Invasion to the US government and then use
that money to pay the bill?

Yes they copied the PDP11 and the VAX.... but, They made an VAX Chip that's
compatible to the VAX730...and we all know that the VAX730 ist not an one
chip solution as the russian chip is. Is that a copy at all?
There are an entire row of PDP11 Microprocessors, K1801VM 1,2,3, N1806VM2 the
same as the K1801VM2 in CMOS and others, chips that in this form never
where build from DEC. Look at the MK90 here:

The MK90 is PDP11 compatible.... 


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