HP 2113e Battery resistor

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 13:42:27 CDT 2015

Thanks David. My go to place for batteries is http://www.all-battery.com/.
They are in the Valley, very cost effective, associated with Tenergy I
believe. I receive my batteries in one or two days usually. Always had very
good luck with them, and they have all possible cells in all possible grades
and finishes, from cheap Chinese to premium brand name, complete with data
I might put NiMH batteries instead, but they have the original format NiCd:
They also have Li-Ion that I use to restore battery packs for older
portables (usually doubling the capacity while I am at it).

"J. David Bryan" <jdbryan at acm.org> said
> Now if I can find similar cells I will be able to reconstruct the pack
> inside the same shell.

Ni-Cds are still available from Allied Electronics, Mouser Electronics, and 
others, although they are declining in availability compared to a few years 

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