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Chuck Guzis wrote:

> On 06/23/2015 09:32 AM, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> >Jonathan, I think it is _really_ naive to think that the Soviets gained any
> >big knowledge from that old Mainfraimes.
> >
> >The soviets build the sputnik, atomic bombs and intercontinental
> >ROckets w/o to find such things on cuba at all.
> >There was'nt any technological difference betwenn the US and the USSR at
> >this time.
> I remember that in the day, the Bulgarians (and probably other 
> Warsaw-pact countries) were particularly adept at building virtual 
> clones of US peripherals.  In the 70s, a couple of the CDC brass paid a 
> visit and confirmed the story.

Yes, that's true.
There was actually no possibility to get a proper license or machines
even when you wanted to pay for that.
Intellectual properties simply haven't existed in the "real life"
behind the iron curtain and w/o to invent the hot water again, it simply
got copied.

Now we have a new single economic system and things have changed.
The NSA/GCHQ is spying out people all over the world, officially to fight
terrorism (if you belive that), but as it turns out they are always
interested in industrial espionage too and even spy out the mobile from
not only me, but the german cancelor (terrorist ehy? tought that are

Think that's ok for you?
(not for me as for most people on the world, but they simplay take the
rights to do this which really pisses me of)

If yes, for sure you want to call it stupid that IBM still want's to get
payd for the old Mainframes, don't you?

> It was a trade war, in some respects--not just a "cold war".  The USSR 
> didn't respect western copyrights and patents, and western countries 
> reciprocated. After 1990, some amends were made (cf. "restored 
> copyright" in the US).
> It had its bright spots--the West got to hear music by USSR composers 
> (e.g. Shostakovich, Prokofiev) played more often than they would had the 
> works enjoyed IP protection.  Doubtless, Western music got a good 
> hearing behind the iron curtain.
> --Chuck

I hope we will never see times like that again..

Anyway, a german word says:

"Wer im Glashaus sitzt, sollte nicht mit Steinen werfen.."

"People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.."



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