[RANT] EX-PARROT (Was:False Beeprog. AGAIN.

Sean Conner spc at conman.org
Tue Jun 23 14:47:06 CDT 2015

It was thus said that the Great Fred Cisin once stated:
> Surely any competent designer will provide a way to prevent/recover from 
> that situation! 
> That could consist of a physical switch or jumper that must be manually 
> set before the system can writeover the NVRAM.
> OR there could be a second boot ROM in the machine that could be jumpered 
> into place to enable booting, perhaps to a limited recovery mode, if/when 
> the primary boot is damaged.
> OR, in worst case, the NVRAM could be socketed, and a replacement copy 
> could be physically installed.
> YES, the part(s) could be unsoldered, and replacement soldered in.  THAT 
> does not seem like an acceptable recovery requirement.
> Why are such incompetent designers still employed in the industry?

  It could be due to an unforseen situation not considered by the designers. 
Several years ago a friend of mine bricked at CAR (BMW I believe---it was a
high end German car in any case).  He was updating the firmware on the car
when the power cut out, leaving the firmware in an inconsistent state.  The
fix required an engineer from Germany to fly to the US ...

  -spc (Some things you just don't think about ... )

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