1990 Era computer room

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hp drives  yes...
data printer  no...   correct  name is  data  products
and a neat  printer   if  you  were just printing  the  first 20 col zone
I remember something about this  model  banging it out  at   800 or  1000 
at full 80 col  it  was  300 LPM
( This  was   the  first formal sale our  computer  company had was to sell 
a  used one of these
to a consultant /  programmer  that did  stuff on apple II systems ... I t 
had   one  bad  hammer   coil  and  he  moved  it  to  col.  80 and swapped 
the good one into  the  mid  field  he  used the  thing  for  years... we  
were  to later have one of these  that came in with a HP 2000 system  and it  
served us  well until replaced  by a  600 LPM   Data Products line printer 
as we wanted to print  wider than  80  col.
OK  another odd thing - note tapes but  lack of tape   drives.
If  only we  could see what was in the rest of the   room!
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On 6/22/2015 9:16 AM, Douglas Taylor wrote:
> I saw  this newpaper photo on ebay, item 191606970872, where these 2 
> big  wigs are proudly standing in front of their computer system 
> looking  over some printout.
> The actual computers in the picture don't  look familiar to me, can 
> anyone ID them?
>  Doug

The printers look like Data Printer 80 column printers.   Can't tell 
about the systems, but they appear to have what look like  analog meters 
on the panels, which is  interesting.

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