[RANT]False Beeprog. AGAIN.

TeoZ teoz at neo.rr.com
Tue Jun 23 20:05:53 CDT 2015

They didn't burn it, they just made it inoperable when the owner wanted to 
install new legit copyrighted firmware. If you kept it as is when purchased 
nothing would have happened.

If you took that fake unit into a company shop for free user upgrades I 
think they would have the right to rip off their logo (or deface it), remove 
the ROM contents, and toss it back to you. Granted they will not get your 
business but then again they never had it anyway.

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> [It's] one thing to copy a design and stick your own name on it,
> another to clone something and stick the legit company name and logo
> on it.  Why can't they brick a fake if they want to [...]

The same reason I'm not allowed to smash your car window, even if your
car bears an unauthorized copy of my company's logo: it's vandalism,

> If I sent a shipload of fake Gucci bags to California the local port
> authorities would just grab them and burn them.

If you want to argue that Customs has the right to take a shipment of
the fake devices and brick them en masse, I think you'll get a lot less
argument.  A better analogy to the case at hand would be, if you sold a
fake Gucci bag retail and Gucci thought they had the right to take it
from the buyer and burn it.

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