PLATO Empire source?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Jun 24 09:19:19 CDT 2015

> What team were you on?  Wouldn¿t want the Kaz, Roms or Bugs to get
> this kind of information..

(Actually, I most often played R.)

> <<acutally I don¿t know either.. sorry>>

I built an attempt to recreate it based on decade-old memories sometime
in the late '80s, which I recently dusted off (for those with git and
curiosity, git:// should be
clonable).  Looking at the screenshots, though, it's interesting how
much I'd obviously forgotten, and the text there makes it clear there's
also a lot more I never knew.

The main reason I'm interested in the source to Empire is to make my
recreation of it behave more like the original.  I'm not trying for a
total clone - if that's what I were after I'd be looking for a PLATO
simulator to run the original on - but something that feels not too
unlike it while still being recognizably a little more modern (for
example, using finer resolution on the display).  This is obviously a
balancing act....

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