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Wed Jun 24 10:04:21 CDT 2015

On Wed, 24 Jun 2015, Rod Smallwood wrote:
> I was at DEC when much of this took place .
> The big concern was not so much the copying but the USSR just buying DEC 
> product on the open market.
> They would set up a front company, sign up as an oem, pay their bills on time 
> and carry on shipping.
> It took a while to sink in that good well behaved customers were he ones to 
> watch not the ones who were in trouble all the time.

So, where were the best customers located?
Langley, Fort Meade, 10th & PA in DC,  Moscow, Leningrad?
Who were the easiest to get paid from?

Did DEC produce manuals in other languages?

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