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Rod Smallwood wrote:

> I was at DEC when much of this took place .
> The big concern was not so much the copying but the USSR just buying DEC 
> product on the open market.
> They would set up a front company, sign up as an oem, pay their bills on 
> time and carry on shipping.
> It took a while to sink in that good well behaved customers were he ones 
> to watch not the ones who were in trouble all the time.
> The copying was much more like the space race and said a alot about what 
> silicon processing the USSR had or had access to.
> Rod

1. is it really neccessary to answer on top when the previous Mail is
quoted at bottom?

2. Do you ever heard of the embargo on computing machines against the
kommunist counties?


> On 24/06/2015 12:40, Johnny Billquist wrote:
> >On 2015-06-24 08:45, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> >>Johnny Billquist wrote:
> >>
> >>>Well, unless I'm mistaken, when the Russian VAX-11/730 on a chip came,
> >>>DEC had already produced the uVAX II, which is also just a chip, but
> >>>much faster than an 11/730, so it's not exactly as if the Russians were
> >>>outperforming what DEC was doing... Exactly when did this Russian chip
> >>>come out, by the way? Curious on exactly how far DEC had come at the
> >>>time of that chip. :-)
> >>>
> >>>    Johnny
> >>>
> >>>-- 
> >>
> >>That wasn't the question at all Johnny.
> >>I wanted to make clear that not all clones are clones.
> >
> >It's hard to define exactly what a clone is anyways. But DEC was very 
> >aware of the fact that the Russians were copying their stuff.
> >Just look at the CVAX, when they even put a message in Russian on the 
> >silicon, for anyone to read, if they actually went down and looked at 
> >the chip at the gate level... :-)
> >
> >    Johnny
> >

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