Printer ribbons [Was: Re: 1990 Era computer room]

Alexandre Souza alexandre.tabajara at
Wed Jun 24 16:13:08 CDT 2015

    Get a printer ribbon from another printer, take the ribbon from the 
cartridge and put it on the cartridge of your printer.

    Some printers in Brazil I gotta do this, or else.

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> On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 10:14:00PM -0700, jwsmobile wrote:
>> The only reference I could find that separated them are to google
>> for the printer ribbons.  I find a lot of the companies who list
>> ribbons don't purge their databases of even the most ridiculously
>> old products, and they list models.
> I just experienced the same thing with my newly found DATASAAB D16.
> Google turns up three worthwhile mentions and whole host of ribbon
> resalers.
> I kind of assumed that the printer ribbon was the same as something else
> and still awailable. Assuming I am wrong, what should I do to get a
> printer ribbon with fresh ink?
> /P 

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