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> From my local paper:
> The last flying Vulcan bomber will be flying over the (non flying) Vulcan at
> Southend Airport on Sunday. It doesn't get much better than TWO Vulcans
> together - it's unique in fact - the Southend Vulcan bomber will be overflown by
> XH558 (the last flying Vulcan) in a tribute to the V-Force in a mini-flying display
> THIS Sunday! The local Vulcan will be open for visitors and cockpit tours all day.

Not sure about the "unique" bit. XH558 is doing a tour of the country this weekend and flying over all the Vulcans around the country. I am going to Newark Air Museum tomorrow, where my dad is a volunteer, specifically for this event. They have a Vulcan there, which I believe has donated parts to XH558, as I am sure have others around the country.



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