VCF Midwest registration is open!

Jason T silent700 at
Sat Jun 27 00:01:32 CDT 2015

We're just about at the two-month point to the Vintage Computer
Festival Midwest, so now we need to get people their tables and
speaking slots.  If you need one or both of those, there's a fancy(?)
new form for you to fill out here:

If you already talked to/emailed me about a table, please take a
moment to fill out the form anyway.  This will be a huge help in
getting all of our info in one place.

If you're normally on the ECCC/Commodore side, please use this form
also.  VCF is handling reservations for both sides of the show this

If I don't hear from you via this form, it may be difficult or
impossible to place you at the show.  We have a new venue this year
and (we hope) much greater attendance.  This equals a less predictable
room layout.

Thank you and we'll see you in August!


Some answers to recent FAQs:

- Speaking topics are pretty flexible - we have generally had mostly
product/software announcements and demos in the past and we'd like to
diversify a bit (while still including those, of course.)  Your
restoration saga, tales from the computer revolution, something you're
an expert on/at, personal experience in early industry or hobbyist
clubs, how you're inspiring the next generation, your 'leet hardware
hacks...whatever you have, let us know!

- Speaking slots are generally 30 minutes long but if you have a
particularly juicy topic, we can work to find extra time.

- Talks will be videoed and put on YouTube, unless you ask us not to

- Tables are a mix of 6' or 8' by ~30".  If you have a precise amount
on linear table inches in mind, let us know in the topic box and we'll
get in touch and/or reserve a specific size.

- Hotel rooms are still available at the block rate.  Use the link on
the main page.  If the show rate is not shown, perhaps our block was
filled.  Contact me and I will get it extended, if possible (we've had
to do it twice already.)

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