Difference between MBASIC51 and 52 for CP/M?

Alexis Kotlowy thrashbarg at kaput.homeunix.org
Sun Jun 28 20:12:02 CDT 2015

On 29/06/2015 10:25 AM, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> Don't know what to say--I ran both MBASIC versions with the same files. 
>   Both load and save just fine under 22NICE 1.44 (running under FreeDOS 
> on DOSEMU running on Ubuntu on an AMD64 CPU).
> --Chuck

Yes, they work fine under existing systems. I'm trying to figure out why
it doesn't work on the system I'm implementing. I'm emulating the
current record data in the FCB so even if a program modifies the extent
or current record without a random access call, it still loads the
correct sector from the file. So far, it works with WordStar 3. I'm
still implementing write support.

I've compared my emulated FCB to the one generated by a CP/M system and
from what I can tell, the CR/EX/S2 data is the same. I've had a look at
the CP/M source, I don't see anything unusual there. Really, the only
thing that's different is the allocation data.

I'm following the CP/M-86 convention for converting between FAT file
system data and CP/M FCB's. It's documented here:

Knowing me, it's something silly or trivial, but until I find it... :)



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