Fwd: unable to post to list (From Cindy at ElecPlus)

Tapley, Mark mtapley at swri.edu
Mon Jun 29 09:05:16 CDT 2015

forwarded from Cindy, who isn’t able to post for some reason.
Any advice I should offer her for posting from her other ISP?
- Mark

Begin forwarded message:

From: <sales at elecplus.com<mailto:sales at elecplus.com>>
Subject: unable to post to list
Date: June 29, 2015 at 8:42:42 AM CDT
To: Mark Tapley <mtapley at swri.edu<mailto:mtapley at swri.edu>>

HI Mark,

I sent this email to the list admin, but apparently my emails do not get through to the list.  Could you help me out please?

Previously I was able to send messages to the list from my work computer, but I have closed the warehouse, and now my postings never appear.  I have no clue why!  Perhaps because I use a different ISP at home than I did at work?

At any rate, I have pile of old stuff still to move out.  Many free; a small charge for some things.  Could you please post this list for me, and let me know how I can do it directly in the future?

Thank you!

Cindy Croxton

Master Handbook of 1001 Practical Electronic Circuits, Solid State Edition, $10 + shipping
Quarterdeck expanded memory manager 386, includes 5.25" floppy and 2 books, $5 + shipping
Getting Started with TRS-80 BASIC For Use With Models I, III, and 4, $10 + shipping
Using Super Utility+ 3.X. Super Utility 4/4P, and PowerTool, $5 + shipping
Radio Shack Hard Disk System Startup TRS-80 Model 4/4P $5 + shipping
Earl's Word Power for RadioShack 32K Model, III, or 4 computers, includes 5.25" disk and manual, $10 + shipping
TRS-80 Data File Programming, A Self-Teaching Guide, $7 + shipping
Radio Shack Introduction to Your Disk System for Model 4 Free + shipping
MISOSYS Catalog 86-2 lists software for the TRS-80  Free + shipping

All are in excellent condition.

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