Advice Requested on Life Expectancy of a PC Windows System

jwsmobile jws at
Tue Jun 30 08:46:12 CDT 2015

On 6/30/2015 5:48 AM, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
> At present, I have three systems that I am running: 
Dave had some excellent advice.  However i had a friend who is a 
database developer (mentioned because he's not really interested in 
fooling with his OS, etc.) that wanted to upgrade an older system, such 
as the 10 year old one.  XP, lots of MS and other development 
environment stuff accumulated.

I suggested and he did an upgrade to the best system he could find which 
was Core I7, etc. lots of memory, nice display, and hopefully quality 

He used VMware converter to migrate his system to the new hardware, with 
all his stuff there intact.

He was able to put the main tools he wanted on thru MS sources, as he 
had MSDN.  he still has his other system running intact on the new 
system with vmware player.  Shared drives and it running in the 
background makes it about 90% like he still has all his old stuff w/o 
major fuss of the upgrade.

After a bit of fiddling got rid of the Win8 annoyances to a dull roar.

I run all my systems on a Dell 2950 server.  All of the systems will 
"migrate" with microsoft keys between dell hardware.  The above scenario 
is a key thing to consider.  I don't know about license migration to get 
the Converted systems reactivated.  That is a complicated issue, but no 

I also had my accountant using the same scenario, and he migrated a 
large amount of Tax Prep hardware across with only a license 
re-activation session involved.  He ran his old system however, not the 
new one.

The use of virtual desktops is my mode of operation now.  Main access 
system is a Mac retina display equipped macbook.  With 4K displays now 
showing up, the resolution is pretty much unlimited as far as the remote 
desktops are concerned.


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