list consolidation

Jay West jwest at
Tue Jun 30 13:35:38 CDT 2015

FYI - in the fairly near term, I plan to get rid of the "two views of the
same list" configuration on the classiccmp server. It has always created a
rather large administrative burden, but also lately just has not been
working right (problems subscribing, duplicate emails, a continuous stream
of bounces, etc.). The list would go back to the way it used to be - one
list, one view, at classiccmp at


The primary reason for the "two view" paradigm was due to (at the time) some
very substantial off-topicness, flamewars, etc. For a period of time I was
not regularly reading the list and thus missed those things when they were
occurring. For the past year or so (and it will very likely continue that
way) I have been back to regularly watching/reading the list - so on my part
I will do a better job monitoring the list for "outbreaks", and will email
the involved parties off-list whenever (if) it starts to occur. In addition,
many of the most vocal flamers are no longer here. Separately, those who are
more irked by off-topicness I would ask to get slightly more familiar with
the DEL key J







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