Request for web development (ccmp)

Jay West jwest at
Tue Jun 30 13:41:33 CDT 2015

I have a rather long list of enhancements to the classiccmp website that I'd
like to make, and IANAWD (I am not a web developer).


In the past  I have always had one of the staff web developers here make
minor changes around the edges, but my list of enhancements is now "bigger
than that". Are there any experienced web developers on the list that have
some free time (*chuckle*) and would like to contribute some time to the
hobby? I'd rather a fellow hobbyist work on this as a labor of love than one
of my web developers who really doesn't "get it". I may be able to put
together a few clams to help entice.


If there's any interest, please contact me off-list.





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