VCF Ban, Vector Graphic cards, Wright card punch, MDS Keyboard

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Mon May 4 11:43:51 CDT 2015

As you say both have much to ansvwer for.
That being so then remove both from whatever list(s) until such time as 
they resolve a petty dispute that is without merit in both cases.
That way the rest of who get on just fine don't have to listen to any 
more of this nonsense.

Rod Smallwood

On 04/05/2015 15:56, Tothwolf wrote:
> [Yes, I'm top-posting after re-threading...unusual for me, that's for 
> certain, but this isn't the sort of thing I'd normally post and I want 
> my response to this up top.]
> Mr. Brutman,
> This thread was pretty well over and done with until your post below. 
> Your reply is in no way helpful, nor can it be taken as any sort of 
> "peace offering" with regards to the long-running feud between 
> yourself and Mr. Stein. I am also not about to allow your comment of 
> "There are people writing me notes of encouragement too." to stand.
> To clarify for others unaware, knowing both parties involved, I 
> contacted both privately earlier last week and heard both "sides" of 
> the story.
> As far as I'm concerned, neither of you are blameless. You both have a 
> history of goading at each other and the forum link below and many 
> other public exchanges between the two of you make that quite clear. 
> Heck, the emails I received independently from the both of you try 
> quite hard to manipulate the facts and paint yourselves as being 
> victims of each other.
> Mr. Stein, you had to know you were going to piss Mr. Brutman off 
> again with that last forum exchange and get him to ban you. Mr. 
> Brutman, you had to know banning Mr. Stein was only going to cause 
> this to flare up again. Neither of you are victims and neither of you 
> are blameless.
> As I've previously mentioned to both of you, the two of you either 
> need to hash this out and squash it, or you need to ignore each other 
> completely...don't reply to, acknowledge, or even read each others' 
> posts, pretend the other party doesn't even exist.
> While I think it would probably be better if you both could settle 
> your differences, if there is an inherent personality conflict, the 
> two of you may have to just settle for ignoring each other completely.
> Stop squabbling like a couple of children. [Mooooommmmy, so-and-so put 
> bugs in my hair!] You are both grown ass men...settle this and act 
> like it.
> On Sun, 3 May 2015, Michael Brutman wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 2:05 PM, Mike Stein <mhs.stein at> wrote:
>>> As some of you know, Mike Brutman recently kicked me off Erik 
>>> Klein's excellent Vintage Computer Forum, for no reason other than 
>>> Mike's ego and the chip on his shoulder as far as I and the folks 
>>> who wrote me unsolicited notes of support can tell:
>>> Apparently some folks also wrote to Erik on my behalf, but he's 
>>> chosen to not reply...
>>> Be that as it may and aside from the embarrassment and Mike's 
>>> insults, no problem; more time to spend elsewhere and an excuse to 
>>> finally get rid of the PC-related systems, motherboards, cards, 
>>> disks & drives, docs etc. that I've been hanging on to for close to 
>>> 40 years in case someone might need/want something some day.
>>> But being cut off arbitrarily and without warning or recourse from 
>>> my contacts and email archive at VCF might affect some other folks; 
>>> among other things, I have here, boxed and ready for shipping to 
>>> someone on VCF but no idea to whom, the following items:
>> Not to add too much to the drama but I don't think this should go 
>> unsaid:
>> 1. It saddens me that part of your hobby is being ruined for you.  
>> You know
>> what?  It saddens other people that you are ruining things for them too.
>> So stop with the constant nitpicking and snark, especially when 
>> replying to
>> people you already "have a history" with, and things like this won't
>> happen.  Nobody is winning here.
>> 2. The history is much longer and much deeper than the referenced 
>> thread.
>> Pointing out the tip of the iceberg and commenting on how that should 
>> not
>> have sunk a ship is deceptive.  This history goes back four years and it
>> involves a few other members too.  The cycle of flare-up, bans,
>> discussions, and un-bans has gotten old.  And none of it has been 
>> done in a
>> vacuum - Erik is usually involved.
>> 3. You consider my behavior insulting?  I consider your behavior 
>> insulting
>> too.  There are people writing me notes of encouragement too. None of 
>> this
>> means anything.
>> 4. I've contacted Erik (again) to have him make a decision.  He is not
>> responding, so I assume he is attending to real life.  Want back in?  
>> Fine,
>> let's talk in private - mbbrutman at  Or wait for Erik.

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