VCF Ban, Vector Graphic cards, Wright card punch, MDS Keyboard

tony duell ard at
Mon May 11 12:41:16 CDT 2015

> Perhaps a method we can all avoid Leicas in the Dumpster is to put a
> price tag on everything before you go.  Even the simplest Dumpster-tossing
> cleanup person / relative understands a dollar sign.

I think that means we all need to own Leicas to start with. How many would make
me greedy?

My biggest worry is that my will will not be found and/or my next of kin will not 
get contacted. He isn't a relative of mine, just a very close friend. He is the 
beneficiary of my will and the exector, but if this is not realised he might not
get what he should. I am wondering if there is some way of ensuring he gets told
if anything should happen to me (not that I am planning anything like that, but...)


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