VCF Ban, Vector Graphic cards, Wright card punch, MDS Keyboard

tony duell ard at
Mon May 11 13:05:28 CDT 2015

> Value is always in the eye of the beholder, and price is always
> and only set between buyer and seller.
> If you're hoarding stuff that has no value - then you're just a hoarder.

Those 2 statements partially contradict each other IMHO. Something may 
not have much financial value, it does not mean that my heir does not 
want to inherit it. 

> If you're concerned that valuable stuff might be tossed after your
> death, and sad that no one will inherit the valuable stuff, then
> today you should be able to document and mark its value.

Provided my next-of-kin gets to hear about it in time there is no problem,
in that he will know what is worth saving. So my problem is to ensure that
he is notified in the event of my death, and I am wondering how to do this.


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