tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue May 12 14:00:12 CDT 2015

> > Probably the best thing you can do is let the next of kin know that you have a will and either give them a copy or 
> > tell them what your wishes are. Then put a copy of the will where it can easily be found (such as in your desk 
> > drawer). My wife and I are redoing our will and are letting our sons and my brothers know what we are 
> > planning. They all will know where to look for the official copy of the will.
> Yes, I would say so.  In addition, it seems strange to name a person as executor without telling that person.  It 
> seems better to tell (or rather, ask) first.  Then you don’t have to worry about imposing a duty on someone that 
> he’s not willing (or, perhaps, able) to accept, and it also solves the problem of others knowing there exists a will.

I wasn't clear...

Of course the beneficiary/executor/next-of-kin (all one person) knows what my wishes are and that he
is the exector of my estate. I made sure he was willing to do that before I made my will. And I have given
him a copy of the will (with 'Copy' written across it so there is no doubt) so that he knows what to look for and
so he can show anyone else and use it as evidence that a will is likely to exist.

My problem is that I have no family. So if I am run over by an omnibus, or electrocute myself while working
on an Omnubus PDP8/e how will whoever finds the corpse know to look for the will and who to contact. One
idea that has been suggested (and which I intend to carry out) is to have a message hanging on the wall of
the hall giving the location of the will, etc. And to have a card naming next of kin etc in my wallet. Hopefully
that will be enough.


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