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On 05/12/2015 03:00 PM, tony duell wrote:
>>> Probably the best thing you can do is let the next of kin know that you have a will and either give them a copy or
>>> tell them what your wishes are. Then put a copy of the will where it can easily be found (such as in your desk
>>> drawer). My wife and I are redoing our will and are letting our sons and my brothers know what we are
>>> planning. They all will know where to look for the official copy of the will.
>> Yes, I would say so.  In addition, it seems strange to name a person as executor without telling that person.  It
>> seems better to tell (or rather, ask) first.  Then you don’t have to worry about imposing a duty on someone that
>> he’s not willing (or, perhaps, able) to accept, and it also solves the problem of others knowing there exists a will.
> I wasn't clear...
> Of course the beneficiary/executor/next-of-kin (all one person) knows what my wishes are and that he
> is the exector of my estate. I made sure he was willing to do that before I made my will. And I have given
> him a copy of the will (with 'Copy' written across it so there is no doubt) so that he knows what to look for and
> so he can show anyone else and use it as evidence that a will is likely to exist.
> My problem is that I have no family. So if I am run over by an omnibus, or electrocute myself while working
> on an Omnubus PDP8/e how will whoever finds the corpse know to look for the will and who to contact. One
> idea that has been suggested (and which I intend to carry out) is to have a message hanging on the wall of
> the hall giving the location of the will, etc. And to have a card naming next of kin etc in my wallet. Hopefully
> that will be enough.
> -tony
	Isn't there a website or service, for this sort of thing? Something 
like where if you don't check in in a certain amount of time, notices 
get sent out?

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