8-bit Computer TV Channel Use

Chris Elmquist chrise at pobox.com
Sat May 23 14:35:21 CDT 2015

On Saturday (05/23/2015 at 11:30AM -0700), Chris Osborn wrote:
> On May 23, 2015, at 9:33 AM, Mark J. Blair <nf6x at nf6x.net> wrote:
> > Has anybody tried this board with home computers that are known to be troublesome with modern displays? 
> The GBS-8200/8220 doesn’t support composite input, only RGB. I’ve used the board on quite a few of my computers that output RGB and it works fine. I’ve even got a couple of blog posts:
> ZX Spectrum 128: 		http://www.insentricity.com/a.cl/233
> Commodore 128 CGA:	http://www.insentricity.com/a.cl/219 
> BBC Micro:			http://www.insentricity.com/a.cl/211
> I still need to hook it up to the CoCo 3 RGB, but I can’t imagine any reason it wouldn’t work. It also works fine with my Apple IIgs.

The GBS-8200/8220 does support CGA and I have successfully used it
with various DEC terminals (VT240, Rainbow) by front-ending it with
a modern sync seperator (TI LMH1980) so that, in the case of VT240,
which does sync-on-green, I ended up with RGB and H and V sync going
into the GBS-8200.   Looks great on a 15" VGA LCD...

Chris Elmquist NØJCF

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