OT: Looking for the Tek 465 of Logic Analysers

Jon Elson jonathanelson at email.wustl.edu
Thu May 28 22:06:27 CDT 2015

On 05/28/2015 09:53 PM, Ken Seefried wrote:
> Maybe only semi-OT.  I'm working on a couple of classiccmp-ish projects
> (6303, 6309 and 68030) and I find the trusty old Tek 465 o-scope is no
> longer compensating for my lack of design skill (or I'm getting better at
> hiding bugs in my designs, depending how you look at it).  I'm looking for
> a recommendation for a logic analyzer.  Considering my very modest design
> constraints, I'm thinking:
> - Suitable for 50MHz designs (really more like <16MHz, but you never know)
> - 32 channels would be nice, ~128 probably perfect, less...you know...do
> what you gotta do...
> - No weird technologies in the design (all TTL/CMOS logic)
> - I'm willing to spend a few $$ to get decent kit, but need to spend closer
> to 465 money than TLA7012 money
The Tek 1240 should work.  If you want disassemblers, you need to look 
up whether those specific CPUs are supported, but many of the common 
ones from that vintage were available.

Probably not 68030, though.

The DAS9200 is a lot more capable, but had several different families of 
acq cards, and some used different (incompatible) pods for the CPU 

There's also the TLA 710 /TLA 720 series that are basically DAS9200's.  
These are often cheap on eBay.  They are able to be connected to the 
net, and you can access them from a Linux PC.


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