OT: Looking for the Tek 465 of Logic Analysers

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I'd suggest to go for the king of the hill at the time, and get an HP 16xx (163x, 165x, 166x, 167x) for all-in-ones or the 16500 if you like to modularize yourself, although tis latter one is much harder to put together since you have to get the frame, the plug ins, the software, etc... 
On the 16yx, the higher the y number, the better the machine (i.e faster, better screens, more memory). They are widely available, starting at below $100 for the earlier machines, and up to $300-$400 for the later ones. I'd recommend to have at least one that has a hard disk, so you don't have to find or make an old LIF floppy to boot from.
As always the rub is the pods/probes. I had to complete my set separately, but they are also widely available.
This is a relatively small amount to pay for what these machines actually are. The later ones have the inverse assembler for the 68000.
I got the luxury one, a 1670G with the pattern generator (which I haven't found an excuse to use yet). Here it is at work:

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> Maybe only semi-OT.  I'm working on a couple of classiccmp-ish projects
> (6303, 6309 and 68030) and I find the trusty old Tek 465 o-scope is no
> longer compensating for my lack of design skill (or I'm getting better at
> hiding bugs in my designs, depending how you look at it).  I'm looking for
> a recommendation for a logic analyzer.  Considering my very modest design
> constraints, I'm thinking:
> - Suitable for 50MHz designs (really more like <16MHz, but you never know)
> - 32 channels would be nice, ~128 probably perfect, less...you know...do
> what you gotta do...
> - No weird technologies in the design (all TTL/CMOS logic)
> - I'm willing to spend a few $$ to get decent kit, but need to spend closer
> to 465 money than TLA7012 money
> - Decent analytics, hopefully more than "here's your traces...good luck"
> - Ease of finding complete kit; nothing worse than dropping a dime on what
> looks like a good deal only to find you're missing the unobtanium cable, or
> the software disk that the vendor will be more than happy to provide you
> only under a cripplingly expensive support contract.

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