dec cabinet part available

Jay West jwest at
Sun Nov 1 18:08:56 CST 2015

I've been away from DEC stuff far too long, so I don't remember what this is
called - but I'll describe it.

The beige dec cabinets (corp cab?) that are wider than about 19 inches...
the ones where there is the "normal" 19" rack and then to the left or the
right there is a top to bottom, front to back, "plenum" about maybe 8 inches
wide. What I have is the brown cover for that plenum. 52.5 tall, 7.5 wide,
hex key quick-release at the top, two ears at the bottom. Come to think of
it, I'm not 100% sure it is from a DEC cabinet but I am thinking it came off
one of a few five foot tall beige dec racks all stuffed top to bottom with

Anywho, whatever it is from, I am sure I do not have the rack (nor the
RA81's that came with) that it goes with any longer. I'm in a rather
non-trivial project to clean out and organize the basement and I'd like to
get rid of this. I'd hate to put it in the skip if someone looks at it as
"the last unobtainium piece to finish off their restoration". If no one
wants it, I'm going to snag the hex key quick-release mech for myself and
pitch the rest.


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