Front panels

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Mon Nov 2 15:28:42 CST 2015

Well I've had a good look at the section marked 'Display'

It looks like the same row of 37 lamps is repeated on  a number of sub 
panels with up to four rows on a panel.
The lamps look to be pushed through from behind and held every so often 
with a chrome screw from the front.

The photo of the lower half shows four sub panels

     CO        4 ROWS
     OU        1 ROW
     DU        2 ROWS
     APU      1 ROW

That might be do-able


On 02/11/15 01:00, Charles Anthony wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 12:18 PM, Michael Thompson <
> michael.99.thompson at> wrote:
>>> Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2015 13:11:29 -0700
>>> From: Charles Anthony < at>
>>> Subject: Front panels
>>> The front panel I want to build is for my DPS8-M (aka Honeywell 6180)
>>> emulator.
>>> TIA,
>>> -- Charles
>> That is only one of two panels on the Honeywell processors. There was
>> another one on the other CPU door. There is are three rollers with an
>> encoding switchs to change what the lights were displaying. Moving the
>> roller changed the text that was visible in the window below the light
>> bulbs and told you what each light meant.
> For my purposes, I'm interested in the lower half of the pictured panel --
> the "Display" -- which showed the PC and registers. My emulated panel can
> be seen at
> -- Charles

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