Teletype services

Jerry Kemp other at
Thu Nov 5 14:48:17 CST 2015

The Baudot thing sure brings back some memories.   I still recall hooking 
teletype's up thru KW-7 boxes, and performing ryryryryryryryryr  test.

I don't recall enough of the specifics, but it was either

Y = 10101
R = 01010

or reversed.


On 11/ 5/15 02:14 PM, tony duell wrote:

> The original Baudot code, as used on the 5-key chording keyboard thing
> was also a 5 level code, but quite different in how the characters were encoded. There
> was also Murray code which is similar to ITA2 but one major difference is that
> there are 'letter space' and 'figure space' codes (which move the carriage one character
> and select the appropriate 'shift' rather than letters and figures shift characters which
> just select the shift, along with a seprate space character. So in Murray code you could
> not send ABC12XY63, it would have to be ABC 12 XY 63
> -tony

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