Teletype services

Christian Corti cc at
Fri Nov 6 02:51:16 CST 2015

On Thu, 5 Nov 2015, Chris Elmquist wrote:
> On Thursday (11/05/2015 at 10:59AM -0800), John Ball wrote:
>> I've been trying for the past week to verify that telephony on my teletype
>> machine (model 33) is functioning properly but the biggest hurdle I am
>> running into is I have nothing to easily dial into. Everyone I know off hand
>> either don't have a modem anymore or theirs is a Winmodem which won't work.
>> There's only one phone line into the residence here and those bluetooth to
>> speed or possibly better yet, is there anyone out there willing to try a
>> teletype-to-teletype conversation?
> If you have a "Smart Modem" (ie, stand alone unit with serial port)
> you can connect it to the modem in the Teletype with a battery-- like,
> a 9V battery-- in series with the phone line between the two.   Then you
> use the Teletype modem to place a call to any random number and command
> the Smart Modem to go off-hook with "ATA".   This will cause it to
> generate answer tones and the Teletype originate modem will "connect"
> and off you go.

Why don't you suggest the easiest and obvious: use a small analog PBX. 
There are _plenty_ of them floating around, and most can be had for free; 
you could for example even use your FritzBox Phone (a DSL WiFi Router with 
analog phone ports). Then you can do internal calls from one port to any 
other port (and also use your old rotary dial phone with VoIP if you 


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