Omen site and FTP server

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Fri Nov 6 07:52:38 CST 2015


I'd be happy to host the entire site on the classiccmp, both website and ftp
site - gratis.

I was going to contact them and also discuss sale - depending on price I'd
be willing to pick it up.

In any case, please contact me off-list to arrange a game plan.


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On 11/6/2015 12:34 AM, Ali wrote:
> It looks like the OMEN.COM site is up (although as a for sale sign by 
> Chuck's widow) and the FTP server is up and running. However, 
> anonymous access seems to be denied. Is this just a problem on my end 
> or can anyone mirror it?
> -Ali
Perhaps someone who knew Chuck can contact Betty and explain that the FTP
server has data, particularly in my case the Tektronix software he had that
is on that server, and is not downloadable thru the Apache server.

I will do so in a while if noone who knew him better says something.

In sympathy with her, I have a couple of friends who's husbands passed that
took 6 to 9 months before they could talk w/o a major episode, so someone
with some tact might want to do the contacting. I have a lot of sympathy in
just calling up and saying, "gee I'd like this or that".  
That is what it boils down to, but hopefully if she has some comments be

Thanks for pinging back, Ali.

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