Omen site and FTP server

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Fri Nov 6 10:13:39 CST 2015

On 11/6/2015 6:10 AM, Jay West wrote:
> Because it may be timesensitive, I contacted her and offered to pay for data
> recovery of the drive, and other items. Will post whatever I hear.
> J
Thanks, Jay.

Really appreciate your help.

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>> Perhaps someone who knew Chuck can contact Betty and explain that the
>> FTP server has data, particularly in my case the Tektronix software he
>> had that is on that server, and is not downloadable thru the Apache
>> server.
>> I will do so in a while if noone who knew him better says something.
> Jim,
> I actually did get in touch with the widow and heard back from her.
> Unfortunately, for all intents and purposes the data is gone. While there
> may be backups and the possibility of retrieval from the HW she does not
> know how. In fact someone else setup the pointer page for her on Go Daddy.
> There is a slim chance that the person helping her may be able to do a
> recovery but we won't know for about a week or so.
> -Ali

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