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I'm currently located in southern Italy, near Bari. Feel free to contact me if you're nearby.
You can mail me at
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> Subject: ICL Quattro
> Hi!
> I found an ICL Quattro desktop computer.
> It looks in good shape, I had to repair only the PSU.
> Powering it up, I see disk activity, but I haven't his (proprietary?) monitor.
> On the back, I see a bunch of serial ports (DCE? DTE?) and a DB15 connector, I
> guess for monitor/kbd attachment.
> I tried to connect a terminal to the serial ports, with null modem and straight
> settings, but I had no answers.
> Do someone have some infos about the proprietary monitor/kbd port?
> Can it be run without the original monitor/kbd system?
> Or should I think about it as a... doorstopper? :D
> Thanks!
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I can't help with the query unfortunately, but I would love to know where in Italy your collection is? In fact, it would be interesting to know where all the interesting collections in Italy are, as I do visit the country with some regularity. Annoyingly, I noticed just now that there is one near Siracusa, and I might have been able to visit that this past summer.



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