OMNIBUS PDP-8 for sale?

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Sat Nov 14 11:07:12 CST 2015


I have two complete systems with everything, lots of extra boards, that I'm willing to sell. I also happen to have two VT100 series terminals, an RX02 subsystem, and an RX01 subsystem. Plus, I have a complete VT278 (DECmate I) with OS278 and WPS-8. One 8/E system has the cover, the other has everything but the cover, and I can configure as you would like. 

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I'm after an 8/E, F, or M (with full panel). It doesn't need to be well 
equipped, just enough to run OS/8 from RX01/2s (I don't need the drives). 

Does anyone have one they'd part with? I'm prepared to match the average 
ebay selling price. 


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