Compulog Two Intercole Systems PAC 16

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Sat Nov 14 13:28:58 CST 2015

Anyone know more about this old 16 bit computer / controller?

According to the current owner it is based on a 16 bit machine made by
Computer Automation. It has core memory and is programmed in assembler and
Fortran. It is from the late seventies.

I found very little while searching the net. Intercole systems seems to
still be in operation. PAC 16 could relate to Varisystems corp which I
found in this document:

In any case the Varisystems PAC 16 seems to be a rather simple 16 bit
machine. But is this the same? And is Varisystems related with Computer
Automation somehow?

Any information is appreciated. Is it worth rescuing it? Any software to
look for? The current owner has loads of 8 inch floppies.

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