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rod rodsmallwood52 at
Sat Nov 14 17:15:02 CST 2015

We have been through this loop before  I believe. Didn't DEC sell the 
PDP-11 rights to Mentec and from there they passed to a mysterious 
unnamed individual.
Is owned by unknown a legal status?

Rod Smallwood

On 14/11/15 22:41, Johnny Billquist wrote:
> On 2015-11-14 22:50, Mark J. Blair wrote:
>> One of the TRS-80 Model II enthusiasts has recently set up an archive 
>> of Model II/12/16/6000 software and documentation on GitHub:
>> Perhaps a similar, structured and curated archive for RT-11 materials 
>> would be awesome? This method makes it very easy for anybody to 
>> locally mirror the archive, and it provides a complete history of 
>> changes to the archive over time.
> Not to put people down, but just reminding people that this software 
> is not "free". It is still owned by someone...
>     Johnny

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