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On 2015-11-15 00:15, rod wrote:
> We have been through this loop before  I believe. Didn't DEC sell the
> PDP-11 rights to Mentec and from there they passed to a mysterious
> unnamed individual.
> Is owned by unknown a legal status?

Who said it was unknown? Al certainly knows who owns it. And it's been 
posted publicly several times by now.
In case you missed it, it's XX2247 LLC.

And even if you don't know who owns something, that does not make it "free".


> Rod Smallwood
> On 14/11/15 22:41, Johnny Billquist wrote:
>> On 2015-11-14 22:50, Mark J. Blair wrote:
>>> One of the TRS-80 Model II enthusiasts has recently set up an archive
>>> of Model II/12/16/6000 software and documentation on GitHub:
>>> Perhaps a similar, structured and curated archive for RT-11 materials
>>> would be awesome? This method makes it very easy for anybody to
>>> locally mirror the archive, and it provides a complete history of
>>> changes to the archive over time.
>> Not to put people down, but just reminding people that this software
>> is not "free". It is still owned by someone...
>>     Johnny

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