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Johnny Billquist bqt at
Sat Nov 14 19:25:38 CST 2015

If you have some connections within HP, then please get involved in 
trying to get the PDP-11 software released. It is HP who has the final 
say. Unfortunately, getting anyone there signing off on something they 
don't even know or maybe recognize they have, has turned out to be hard.

I know Al have tried.


On 2015-11-15 00:56, rod wrote:
> I am of the opinion that RT,RSX M & D etc could be dealt with in exactly
> the same way as the very successful OpenVMS Hobbyists program.
> Its free  but you need to be  a member of a recognized group. In  my
> case HPUG. I'm also classed as a HP pensioner due to my DEC service.
> One thing that has always interested me was could you build the next
> generation of PDP-11.'s
> I have an example of an 11/94 which was pretty much the end of the line.
>      So no DEC CPU parts allowed.
>      DEC form factor boards and connectors,
>      No Mentec boards
>      Physical Q-Bus
>      No Emulations - Runs say RT native.
> Rod Smallwood
> On 14/11/15 23:23, Mark J. Blair wrote:
>> I have no interest in causing any deliberate harm to whoever may hold
>> the rights to RT-11, but I am curious about whether the rights holder
>> has shown any interest in preserving old RT-11 code and documentation
>> that has no current commercial value. I would very much hate to see
>> such stuff lost forever, and strongly feel that it should be preserved
>> now to ensure that it will still exist at some future time when it
>> either passes into public domain or becomes legally owned by somebody
>> interested in preserving it.

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