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Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Sun Nov 15 08:06:37 CST 2015

 >rod wrote:

> Well thats part of the picture but not  I think all of it.
> If you take what Deep Throat told the Washington Post reporter to do 
> and how Sherlock Holmes said you could solve most cases put them 
> together and  there is one
> one possible answer.
> >On 15/11/15 13:09, Johnny Billquist wrote:
>> This is a long response, but I beg all people interested to read all 
>> of it.
>> [Snip]
This situation has been so confused for so many decades that
I am at a complete loss about what that "one possible answer"
may be.

If you do have any information or conclusions, please share
them with all of us.  At this point, I doubt that any new or
different information would make things any worse and that
additional clarification might help us to understand.

Actually, although I understand your reference to Deep
Throat, I don't think I ever knew or I don't remember the
quote in question.  I am probably not the only person.


Jerome Fine

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