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On 11/14/2015 11:25 PM, Ian Finder wrote:
> It seems to me that Paul Koning's attitude will lead  retrocomputing to die. We can't all own computers that can do interesting things with front-panel programming alone.
> By his definition, I have committed a lot of "theft" in my days to restore systems I had no other options left to deal with, due to restrictive licensing, incommunicado business entities, or IP situations with no well understood outcomes.
> I am always happy to pay, but that's not always an option.
> I agree the proper routes should always be pursued when possible, but bits are fading fast and without dark archives that may run afoul of present day copyright laws and original EULAs, many things will be lost permanently.
> I find the mindset of considering all abandonware scenarios "theft" to be pedantic, toxic, shortsighted, and counterproductive- as well as logically and legally baseless.
> - I

I agree 100%.  There sometimes seems to 
be a certain strain of 
ad-infinitum-uber-nitpickiness (ad 
nauseam) when it comes to perspective on 
some of these old software legal issues.

My stance: if they still wanted income 
from it, it'd still be for sale.     If 
it's not for sale, and I can find it, 
then I'll use it and be sure not to 
profit from it.   At such a time as the 
original owners may want payment for it, 
they can make public notice and I'll 
contact them at that time.

- J.

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