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Sun Nov 15 11:43:26 CST 2015

       Interesting ..

Oops ....  Yes it was a long time ago  Deep Throat tells Bernstein to 
'follow the money'
Sherlock Holmes said 'when you have eliminated everything else what you 
are left with however improbable is the answer'
If I'm wrong and I haven't said anything then I will not be accused of 
putting future possibilities at risk.
If somebody comes up with the same answer be it right or wrong I will 
tell them.

Right now back to 11/70 front panels. Anybody know what the colours are 

On 15/11/15 14:06, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
> >rod wrote:
>> Well thats part of the picture but not  I think all of it.
>> If you take what Deep Throat told the Washington Post reporter to do 
>> and how Sherlock Holmes said you could solve most cases put them 
>> together and  there is one
>> one possible answer.
>> >On 15/11/15 13:09, Johnny Billquist wrote:
>>> This is a long response, but I beg all people interested to read all 
>>> of it.
>>> [Snip]
> This situation has been so confused for so many decades that
> I am at a complete loss about what that "one possible answer"
> may be.
> If you do have any information or conclusions, please share
> them with all of us.  At this point, I doubt that any new or
> different information would make things any worse and that
> additional clarification might help us to understand.
> Actually, although I understand your reference to Deep
> Throat, I don't think I ever knew or I don't remember the
> quote in question.  I am probably not the only person.
> So PLEASE!!!
> Jerome Fine

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