Oh boy, copyright discussion.

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When it comes down to it with so many mergers and company deaths in the 
software industry it might be hard for owners to prove they even own 
something anymore. So the odds of you ending up in court are not that great.

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I'm very disappointed this only flares up once every month or two, is there
any chance we could make it once a week?

The reality of perpetual and automatic copyright that extends past the
death of all listed creators means that there are a lot of pieces of items
that have no advocate, financial interest, or caretaker either legal or
otherwise. It is a ridiculous situation. The arguments where the only two
options are this "Zardoz" environment or water break down of the entire
copyright machine, is old and bores me.

The reality as I have experienced it is that there are a few white-hot
pinpricks of interest and legitimacy by a vanishingly small amount of
companies, and then there is a vast Black Sea of unwanted, uninteresting,
forgotten items. This works for software as well as everything else.

If there is a choice between oblivion and the dumpster, and sending it to
the Internet Archive, I will ensure that our doors are open. That's all I
can offer to everyone here. You can reach me at this address or by calling
the archive directly if you don't want to deal with me.

If all you have to offer is another 7 paragraphs of bloviating, that's why
they make the mute button. 

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