Pine (was: Re: cctalk Digest, Vol 17, Issue 20)

Fri Nov 20 13:13:29 CST 2015

> Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2015 21:41:53 -0500 (EST)
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> Subject: Re: Could someone make this topic go away?
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> Am I the only one left using Pine!?
> I get odd looks when I'm checking email from my cell phone.

No you are not.

I use (al)pine on my OpenVMS system here as well as my main Linux host.  I
have mail going back to 2004 here and since 1996 at another public access
Unix host I use.  It's great when I'm out of town and can ssh in from my
phone and check the mail. :)  Pine does most everything I need without
having to worry about malware, phishing, etc ... the beauty of text.


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