A Selectric printer...

Mike Ross tmfdmike at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 07:20:22 CST 2015

I have an I/O Selectric device which is badged as, and was originally, an
IBM 2970 Reservation Terminal.

For better or worse, it was one of those bought up in the late 1970s by a
company called 'Western I/O", based out of Scottsdale Arizona. They
converted them for home use. One version used a Motorola 6800 to make a
nifty-sounding terminal with selectable baud rates etc. I appear to have
the 'other' version; a cheap and nasty printer-only conversion with some
form of parallel port.

Anybody else got one? Docs about them? Parts? Schematics? I'd like to get
hold of one of the 'proper' terminal conversion versions... Must be some
squirreled away in garages!

Alternatively, any doc on the original 2970? There's an incredible dearth
of information about what we're once very common devices...

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